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Drag Racing

Early drag racing in the UK: one small man with a tiny car and HUGE engineering genius:

Stock Cars

One of the longest-established web sites --- from a time when the phrase "web site" was new to us --- is:

Rogers UK Oval Racing Pages

Roger's site has detailed race reports from all oval track formulas: midgets, ministox, hot rods, BriSCA, you name it: not just results but full race descriptions froma team of dedicated fans. Roger's page maintains a long archive of facts and stories going back years. You also get 'alerts' of the content of all the oval track magazines.  Roger Venison has been at the trackside for many years and knows what and who he's talking about.


In an e-mail one of my correspondents said "Is there anyone who DOESN'T know Rick Young?"  This gregarious ex-F2 and ex-F1 racer, ongoing track-chaser (Rick visited his 175th track in July 2009) and long-time contributor to my website, now deservedly has his own website.  Rick is also a busy track photographer in Canada and the USA, and contributor to Short Circuit Magazine.  People who know stock-car racing go to his NEW in 2015 site:

"What car body is that??"  Chances are someone on this excellent internet forum can help. They are not only expert, but polite, too.

If you want the rich background of stock car racing "North o' the borrder", in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, you can't do better than see this website:

Another Scottish photo archive:
It has many shots from Knockhill and Cowdenbeath (also includes sidecars, bikes, rally, single-seaters, saloons, etc.)

Arthur Whittam maintains a truly massive collection of BriSCA photographs, from his time as track photographer; several appear with his permission on this website.  
As well as selling high-quality prints, he has now created two "e-Books", which you can access and purchase via this link:
 <a href="" target="itunes_store">BriSCA F1 Stock Cars - eBooks by A.B. Whittam</a>

Frank Love does motorsport photography, and has some superb quality photos from the old days at Cowdenbeath on his site:

South Africa was on the UK-winter agenda for several racers (Johnnie King, Doug Wardropper). Here is a super website devoted to the history of stock-car racing in SA: 

An outfit that offers really professionally-restored and computer enhanced photos from BriSCA racing over the years.  They have slide-show examples of what they have, from an archive of thousands of prints by track photographers.  They even do huge wall-poster prints.  Photo service offered through two sites. Have a look at both:

About time the Eastern England folks got some publicity, and thanks to Darren, here it is:

Model-makers will like this site (and it will make make a few jealous!)  Colin Moss builds super models, and you can see galleries of his work, plus some good stock-car history on his site: 

Alex Janssen in Holland has a great website devoted exclusively to the racing at the Gannita Circuit in Gendt, NL.
Alex's site has changing slide-shows from formulae as different as bangers, F1, F2, stunts, although I have to guess what some of Dutch wording means.

A collection of photos from the sixties to the 2000's [apologies to Malcolm who told me about his site years ago!]

If you want "the gen" on early stock-car racing, especially in the London area, Pete Marsh is your man. Really solid research here, tons of old programmes, and contributions from folks who were there in the 1950's and 1960's.  You can spend hours at this site:

John Dawson has been around the oval track scene for many years, and his [first] site mixes history with today's news, a "blog", fascinating links, and it is still growing.  Don't be put off by the "rotating" link bars on the first site --- they do work if you nail them!  John has also opened a newer site (second one below), and I believe is transferring the photos to it.

If you weren't actually around in the 1960's to enjoy the action, the "Heritage" racing movement is here to save you.  Very good quality photos, profiles, histories of cars and drivers.  Some of the men racing Heritage today were racing 50 years ago --- tough as nails.  These two url's may need typing in, as they may not link directly.  

Paul Broderick is doing what we all wanted to do:  he's building a terrific reference index of BriSCA driver names and Brisca driver numbers, arranged by decade, and (with your help, folks ---) adding photos to every one.  This is like going to a well-organized public library of stock-car racing. Growing fast as we speak --- give Paul a hand, eh? His site's earlier link has changed; 

Salut, les copains!  Aimez-vous les courses de stock-cars?  Don't forget that the sport came to England from France in 1954, and that "our" veterans like Freddie Mitchell, Jock Lloyd, Aubrey Leighton, and Dirty Dennis all raced in France when they got a chance. French racing and its cars stayed 50's-style, and did not follow the "specials" route of the Brits from 1965 onwards.  You don't have to understand  francais to enjoy hitting everything that looks like a link.  Old and new,  lots of colourful effects, give it a go:

Before you click on the following website, TURN ON YOUR SPEAKERS LOUD.  Gorgeous sound intro to a site chock full of professional quality photos from the last 30 years.  Brian was lucky (and skilled) enough to be a centre green photographer.  You'll love his site, and his collection of favourite heroes:

You may know of some tracks that now exist only in our memories --- but Simon Lewis's site has a page listing "all" of the defunct oval tracks, in alphabetical order.  How many?  I stopped, feeling rather sad, at FIFTY (50), and I was nowhere near the end of the list.  A valuable and important bit of historical research here:

That is just one of several "pages" of Simon Lewis's site.  This one is devoted to stock cars: but if you see Simon's Motor Sport Fanatic home page you will see many more branches of motor sport.

Tony Usher's site opens with that  familiar pop instrumental SWINGIN' SAFARI by the Bert Kaempfert Orchestra.  This site gives you the history of SPEDEWORTH racing in the 1960's and 1970's.  If you remember Yarmouth, Wisbech, Aldershot and other Spedeworth tracks, this is for you.

New Brighton track was perhaps the most frightening oval in Britain.  The track evolved from a high-banked cycle track, one of the many entertainment facilities at New Brighton (Wirrall) on Merseyside, from 1900 onwards.  The track closed in 1976. Even old bangers could reach terrifying speeds because of the banked concrete "bowl", with its steel post-and-cable fence.  Mike and Steve Parry give us the history, and you can "Google" and find several video clips on YouTube. Updated url address:

This great site calls itself "Unashamed F1 Nostalgia" -- super stuff  [this may not link directly; you may have to type the url yourself]:  

MIDGET CARS: Thanks to John Hyam for this link to one of his speedway-themed sites;  a much appreciated forum with fascinating facts and photos.


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